Consultations & Observations

Use the drop down menu below to learn more about how to schedule an observation, mid-semester instructional diagnosis or consultation on all topics related to teaching in higher ed.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching offers state-of-the-art computer lab facilities for Temple University faculty and teaching assistants interested in incorporating technology into their instruction. The labs are open, on a walk-in (physical labs) or a drop-in (virtual lab) basis, for instructors who prefer to work on their own or with the assistance of an Educational Technology consultant. For those requiring an in-depth consultation, please schedule a one-on-one appointment.


Temple University’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching invites all Temple educators to take advantage of our individualized consultation services. Our expert staff provides support and advice on any aspect of teaching, as well as training on the effective use of educational technology. Note that instructional consultations with CAT staff are non-evaluative and are kept strictly confidential.

Book a virtual or in-person consultation. In-person consultations are available on the Health Sciences Campus and on Main Campus.

If you cannot use the scheduling app or do not see a consultation time available that suits your schedule, please email or call 215.204.8761 for support.

Classroom Observations

Whether you are implementing a new teaching strategy, trying to solve a teaching challenge, or simply would like to check in with a colleague in order to reflect on your teaching, a classroom observation can provide valuable feedback from an outside perspective on your classroom teaching behaviors and environment.

When you request a teaching observation, a CAT consultant will contact you to discuss your needs and the set up an appropriate date to observe your class, lab, studio, clinic, or other teaching environment. We can also observe your online course, with an eye both towards the learning situation and the technology employed.

Please fill out this form to request that a classroom observation be performed by a CAT Faculty Developer or Educational Technology Specialist. If you have questions regarding classroom observations, please email

Mid Semester Instructional Diagnosis

Sometimes what you really need is a solid sense of what the students think about the classroom. Instructional Diagnosis is a set of protocols by which a CAT consultant will visit your class at an agreed upon time, you will leave the class and the consultant will administer a series of questions the answers to which reflect student consensus on their learning experience. This process requires 40 minutes of class time. It normally occurs between weeks 4 and 8 of a typical semester, as that window gives students the time needed to have an informed opinion about the class, while still giving you time to make adjustments to the courseplan should they be needed. Feedback is shared with you in written form, followed by a debriefing meeting. These services are available for both online and in-person courses.

Please fill out this form to request that a mid-semester instructonal diagnosis be performed by a CAT Faculty Developer or Educational Technology Specialist. If you have questions, please email

Course Design

Have you been tasked with creating or revising a course and you're not sure where to start or need a sounding board? Do you have an idea for a course you'd like to propose and need help building learning goals, activities and assessments? For support with course design efforts, schedule a consultation with a CAT faculty developer

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum mapping is a process used to determine whether course goals, activities and sequences align with program goals or Student Learning Outcomes. For support with curriculum mapping, schedule a consultation with a CAT faculty developer.

Program Assessment Planning

For support designing and implementing assessment of student learning at the program level, contact Dana Dawson, 215.204.2670, .