Fostering excellent teaching
so students learn, develop, and succeed.
Temple University Teaching & Learning Center: Fostering Excellent Teaching

  • PTA Participant
    Earn the Teaching in Higher Education Certificate
  • Workshops
    Enhance your teaching with research-based practices
  • Consultations
    Discuss your course with a CAT Consultant or Faculty Fellow
  • Steve Kreinberg at TTS Conference
    Attend our Annual Faculty Conference on Teaching Excellence
  • Test Review Sessions: A Better Design
    7:51 AM - 23 Apr 2019
  • The last day of class is your final opportunity to make an impression on your students. Make sure it's a good one!
    9:56 AM - 22 Apr 2019
  • RT : Goal to end the school year: Seek out & thank the ‘invisible’ people within our schools who quietly do their work…
    9:54 AM - 22 Apr 2019

Featured Story

Makerspace technologies can help faculty to build a richer and more engaging learning experience for students. The Makerspace in the Digital Scholarship Center and the Innovation Space provides a hands-on environment in which students can work with a variety of digital fabrication tools, virtual reality and electronics technologies in order to explore and develop new ideas.

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