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title card: MLK Day

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the CAT invites you to reflect on his legacy and impact on education, which was a core principle of the civil rights movement. As we begin a new year and semester of teaching, what lessons can we take from his leadership and principles as we think about our role in education and the purpose of education–not only on this important day of commemoration, but throughout the year? 

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The earlier posts in this series discussed how to apply the lenses of self, colleagues, students and scholarly literature to the evaluation of teaching. In the final post in this series, we will reflect on how assessment of student learning at the course and program level allows us to take a step back and ask whether what we’re doing is working.

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Peer review of teaching gets a bad rap. It conjures up images of being judged, of one’s teaching put under a microscope. Faculty express discomfort and nervousness at being observed in class, and, interestingly, they also resist the idea that they are “qualified” to provide feedback on a colleague’s teaching. That is, of course, if they even give feedback. I have a distinct memory of my chair coming into my class (unannounced), sitting in the back and writing furiously the whole time.

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So says the title of a recent article in Vice that has been making the rounds at Temple.  The article describes a new tool called Open Ai Playground, that generates text on demand.  Playground uses

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