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Justice and Inclusion

This blog post has been adapted from an article in Faculty Focus written by Cliff Rouder titled, Seven Ways You Can Foster a More Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Learning Environment.

The question of whether or not to require that students keep their Zoom cameras on during synchronous online classes can be fraught. On the one hand, we use faces to help gauge participation, presence, and even the flow of conversation. On the other hand, a variety of legitimate concerns can keep students from turning their cameras on.

Justice and Inclusion

When hearing the term ‘accessibility,’ many immediately think about accommodations to meet the needs of specific individuals or groups, primarily those with disabilities.  While related, accessibility and accommodation are not the same. According to LaGrow, ‘accommodations are reactive solutions to address special cases.

Pulling Back the Curtain: Sharing Pedagogical Concepts with Students

Imagine you’ve given students an exercise, say, think-pair-share, when someone asks, “Why are we doing this? Can’t you just teach things instead?” Could you, off the top of your head, explain the pedagogical theory? If so, how would you do it?

treasure map and compass

This assignment grew out of a recent overhaul of my British Literature II survey course using backwards design to shift emphasis from coverage of material to student learning.

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