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In honor of International Education Week, we’re sharing this blog post - written in August but still relevant now - about teaching international students who are abroad.

A number of years back, I participated in a Globalization Teaching Circle (later renamed the Marco Polo Collaborative) with a cohort of thoughtful colleagues who were interested in enhancing our students’ global competencies. We asked ourselves, what does it mean to have globally competent students? We represented very different disciplinary backgrounds - from political science to music to architecture and everything in between - and the discussions were energizing and productive.

Justice and Inclusion

Student mental well-being has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and the public health measures implemented to mitigate it. The prevalence of mental health symptoms is high among college students nationally, as it was prior to the pandemic too.

The breakout room features available in Zoom meetings allow us to craft learning experiences for our students that incorporate small group work. This allows students to test out new ideas and compare their learning to that of their peers. Importantly, this work blossoms in the lower-stakes environment of the small group, because individual students do not feel the same level of scrutiny and social pressure they face in front of their peers and the instructor.

Justice and Inclusion

Unexpected “hot moments” in a class can arise anytime and can be stressful for faculty and students. When unexpected conflict and incivility occur, faculty often feel unsure how to handle the situation, so planning some strategies now can help you feel better prepared to navigate these moments. This is especially important in our particular moment with a major election around the corner, social justice conversations a part of everyday life, and COVID-19 making all of us tired and less able to cope with stress.

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