Who are the EdTech Student Partners?

Who we are:

EdTech Student Partners are undergraduate students from different schools and programs, who are interested in teaching others how to use technology. They provide recommendations for technology tools in the classroom, willing to teach the technology to the students, support faculty in the classroom, and provide feedback from a student perspective to enhance student engagement and learning.

What we do:

EdTech Student Partners work with faculty members and graduate teaching assistants to enhance teaching with technology and the student learning experience.

Technology projects we worked on with Faculty:

Our recent projects have focused on the following technologies:

  • Designing and delivering online courses (synchronous and asynchronous) through Canvas. This includes transitioning face-to-face course to online ones.
  • VoiceThread (interactive discussions)
  • Tiki Toki (digital timelines)
  • Custom Google Maps
  • Kahoot/Socratic (game-based learning)
  • PollEverywhere (classroom response system) 
  • TopHat/NearPod (interactive classroom tools)
  • Screencast-O-Matic (creating video lectures)
  • Ensemble (video hosting and sharing)
  • PinUp (brainstorming tool) 

EdTech Student Partners can help you with other technologies as needed and make recommendations about the technology tool that works best for your assignment/activity.

Meet our EdTech Student Partners:

Chinyere Ifeanyi, Finance

Chinyere is a junior majoring in Finance. Alongside her studies, she assumes a pivotal role in the Organization of African Students, embracing the responsibility of Event Coordinator for the upcoming academic year of 2023-2024. The past summer marked a transformative journey for Chinyere as she embarked on an enlightening 8-week internship at the prestigious Chief Investment Office, Hirtle Callahan and Co. During her time, she focused mainly in the IT department while seamlessly contributing to projects across the organization. This experience not only sharpened her knowledge in the financial industry but also ignited an unexpected passion for the realm of FinTech. As she moves forward, Chinyere is focused on securing an internship within the FinTech world. On her free time, she finds peace in crime-related shows, having watched the entire spectrum from Law and Order SVU to FBI and NCIS.

Jennifer Vaughn, Computer Science

Jennifer is a junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics and Data Science. She has always enjoyed working with technology and is very interested in learning more about it in her spare time. While she is an EdTech Student Partner, she is also a Co-Vice President for the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) at Temple and the Treasurer of the ACM women's chapter. She also does research about the social impacts of large language models with Temple's HCI Lab. Jennifer is excited to teach her EdTech partners how to use new technology tools and help them accomplish all of their classroom goals.

Leili Massoum Zadeh, Computer Science

Leili is a junior computer science major with a passion for computers and technology. Although Leili initially aspired to become a teacher, she changed paths and decided to pursue a career in computer science. With a strong technical background and expertise in programming languages, she is dedicated to assisting faculty members and fellow students in integrating technology into their teaching and learning experiences. Leili's goal is to empower others by sharing her knowledge and helping them navigate the ever-evolving world of technology. As an enthusiastic and knowledgeable EdTech Student Partner, she is poised to make a valuable contribution to the program.