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Wellness, Self-Care, and Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

Temple Talks is a short video series intended to support Temple faculty and staff, co-sponsored by Human Resources and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching. Each episode presents research and strategies for navigating the new work / life paradigm created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is created by expert Temple faculty on their own time. Current and forthcoming topics include wellness, self-care, and work-life balance. We hope this resource offers encouragement and new ideas to help you thrive in your teaching life this year!

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Face Masks

Susan Gresko, Assistant Professor of Instruction, College of Public Health

While we are looking to a brighter future as vaccine rollout continues, face masks remain a vital component of public health and proper practice continues to protect ourselves and those around us. What strategies, tips, and knowledge can improve our own daily use and help us educate those around us?


Living With Chronic Pain During a Pandemic, Election and Civil Unrest

Scott Burns, Associate Professor of Instruction, College of Public Health

Chronic pain conditions continue to persist during the events of the past year, and historic events like the coronavirus, civil unrest, and a presidential election can cause significant increase in pain and disability associated with these conditions. What self-management strategies and practical examples can help us mitigate the effects of the outside world?


For the Record: How to Effectively Communicate with the Media and Balance Media Requests with Other Priorities

Krys M. Johnson, Assistant Professor of Instruction, College of Public Health

Faculty are often approached by the media to weigh in on current events from their disciplinary expertise and experience. How do we balance those requests with the many other things going on in our lives?


Self-Compassion (It Feels Weird, Right?!)

Annette M. Willgens, Associate Professor of Instruction, College of Public Health

Self compassion is a critical skill because it restores the nervous system to its optimal function. We are kind to everyone around us, but can we be gentle, kind, and compassionate to ourselves?


Making Education Human in the Era of COVID-19

Ben Torsney, Assistant Professor of Instruction, College of Education and Human Development

With the current educational climate, it has never been more important to build relationships with our students and humanize our conceptions of them. How do we relate to our students in ways that coach, rather than proscribe, their learning experiences?


Staying Active While Staying Home

Sara J. Kovacs, Interim Director of Exercise and Sport Science, Assistant Professor of Instruction, College of Public Health

Regular physical activity throughout our day and week provides numerous health benefits. What can we do to ensure that this extended season at home finds us healthy and active?


Risk Communication in the Time of COVID-19

Sarah Bauerle Bass, Director, Risk Communication Laboratory, Associate Professor, College of Public Health

The coronavirus mask debate highlights the ways in which we process and manage risk in our lives. How can we better understand risk perception and perceive the causes for various behaviors in stressful times? 

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 Temple Talks is co-sponsored by Human Resources and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching

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