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Getting Started with a Canvas Course Template

The Office of Digital Education has created two course shell templates to help you start building your online/hybrid course in Canvas. These templates have been designed to account for best practices for designing and structuring online courses.

The Lite Canvas Template is recommended for faculty who have never created a course online before and the Full Canvas Template is for faculty who are experienced in creating online Canvas Content. You can, of course, still structure your course from scratch or redesign what you have. You can use the recommendations above to get you started.

Note: This template is only a guide to give faculty ideas about how to build their online course with some sample language and content to build a course quickly in Canvas – the template has been made to be very flexible and easy to edit for use.

Here are the resources to help you build your course in Canvas:

These templates provide a minimum course shell with just the essentials for creating a Canvas Course.  You can download and save this file to a folder on your computer. IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to open the downloaded file on your computer. Instead, follow this procedure:

  1. Once you've downloaded the .imscc file, go to your Canvas course.
  2. Go to Settings (normally at the bottom of the left hand menu in blue).
  3. Click on Import Course Content, which will be on the right.
  4. From the pulldown menu select Canvas Course Export Package.
  5. Use the Choose File tool to find your..imscc file. (If you don't know where you saved it, check your Downloads folder.)
  6. Select All Content.
  7. Click the Import button to begin the template process. This will take a few moments.

General Education Program: In addition to the resources listed above, there is a Canvas Course Template designed specifically for GenEd courses available here. We recommend installing either the Gen Ed template or one of the above templates, not both.

Get the Training You Need

As part of the launch of these two new templates, the Office of Digital Education and CAT have teamed up to offer occassional sessions of two special workshops on how to best make use of them.

  • REMOTE Webinar: Learning the Basics: Using the Lite Online Course Template to Enhance the Student Learning Experience
  • REMOTE Webinar: Making the Most out of the Full Online Course Template: An Advanced-Level Webinar

To sign up for these or any other CAT workshops, visit our Upcoming Events page.

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