Goals and Requirements


We at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching believe effective teaching requires the continued practice of lifelong learning. Towards this aim, students who successfully complete the Teaching in Higher Education Certificate will develop the ability to:

  • Apply research on learning and adult development to teaching

  • Apply the principles of integrated course design to develop syllabi, assessments, and learning activities

  • Use a variety of research-based teaching methods to promote learning, development, and achievement of all students

  • Practice a reflective, purposeful, and learner-centered approach to teaching

  • Independently learn, evaluate and assimilate future research on teaching and learning


Course 1. Teaching in Higher Education Seminar (EPSY 8985, 3 credits)

This seminar addresses the research on how people learn and how to apply those findings to teaching in higher education.  Course topics include: integrated course design, varied and inclusive teaching methods, assessing student learning, and reflective practice. The seminar is a prerequisite for Course 2: Teaching, Technology, Innovations.

Sample Syllabus

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Course 2. Innovation, Technology, and Teaching in Higher Education (EPSY 8960, 3 credits)

This seminar will provide participants with the knowledge and experience to use research-based best practices when incorporating technology to support student learning. Participants will examine, interact with, and evaluate the application of a wide range of technology-based innovations in order to achieve and assess learning goals and actively engage students. The prerequisite for this course is the “Teaching in Higher Education Seminar.”

Sample Syllabus

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