H. (Naomie) Nyanungo, Ph.D.

Director of Educational Technology, Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Hleziphi (Naomie) Nyanungo is the Director of Educational Technology. In this role, she provides strategic leadership and support for using technology to enhance teaching and learning. Motivating her in this work is the potential of higher education technologies to increase access; facilitate meaningful engagement within and beyond the classroom; and meet diverse needs and circumstances of students and faculty. Naomie leads a team of educational technology specialists in designing and delivering workshops, webinars and individual consultations with faculty, as well as offering drop-in educational lab services. A key aspect of her role is engaging with strategic partners across the university to identify faculty needs and provide opportunities for teaching support to promote student success.

Naomie has worked as a teacher and administrator in community-based programs, local government, and higher education settings. Most recently she led the Office of Adult Education in the City of Philadelphia where she worked with administrators, instructors and volunteer tutors to improve the quality of and access to community-based adult literacy programs. Naomie has taught at the Pennsylvania State University and Africa University (Zimbabwe). As both a scholar and a practitioner, Naomie is keenly interested in community-engaged and critical pedagogies. Naomie graduated with a PhD in Adult Education from the Pennsylvania State University. Her dissertation research examined the behavior of organizations in promoting learning.

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