Special Events

The CAT's annual events gather faculty from throughout the university and the region to celebrate our teaching achievements, share ideas and learn new stragegies.

Annual Faculty Conference on Teaching Excellence

This annual two-day event features nationally recognized speakers; workshops, posters and lightning talks on topics covering a wide range of disciplinary contexts and teaching modalities; and lots of opportunities to meet and learn from your fellow faculty. All are welcome! 

Learn about this year's AFC. The 21st Annual Conference on Teaching Excellence will take place on January 11 & 12, 2023.

Lunch with Temple's Award-Winning Teachers

Each year, we celebrate Temple's award-winning teachers with a lunch and panel featuring recent recipients. All are welcome! This event is always special - marked by comraderie, open discussion and an appreciation for the trials and triumphs of teaching in higher ed. 

Learn more about past and upcoming lunches. This event is normally held in late March or early April.

STEM Educators' Lecture

Each spring the CAT hosts the STEM Educators' Lecture, an interactive workshop featuring a speaker who is advancing the field of STEM pedagogy through their research and/or practice. While STEM-focused, faculty and teaching assistants from all disciplines are welcome.

Learn more about the STEM Educators' Lecture. This event takes place on March 28, 2023.

TA Orientation

This orientation, conducted over two mornings, will prepare you to be an excellent teaching assistant at Temple University. At the general sessions, you will learn about the Temple student community and what resources are available to support them. You will also learn how to manage challenging situations in the classroom. Topical breakout sessions will focus on various aspects of teaching, such as motivating and engaging students, facilitating discussions, being thoughtful about inclusion and accessibility in your classroom, grading, and teaching effectively online. 

Learn more about, and register for TA Orientation. The TA Orientation will be held on August 22, 2023, Registration opens in July.

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