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Encourage reflective learning among my students through the use of a website offering them a diary-type commentary and links to articles on other websites.

Blackboard Blog

Using a Blog tool will enable you to create a shared online diary for use among your students.  You can assign a Blog to your students to enable them to:

  • Document personal reflections and experiences on an assigned class activity
  • Collaborate with others to obtain a point of view
  • Share relevant news events

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Create a Shared or Private Online Diary Using a Blog

Access a tool that will allow my students to create and modify web pages to share thoughts, exchange ideas, or sign up for group projects.

Blackboard Wiki

You can create a Wiki in Blackboard to enable your students to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related materials that provide a means of sharing and collaboration.  A Wiki can also be used to post or assign:

  • Student group project presentations
  • Case studies for your students to solve and apply solutions
  • Lesson plans
  • Book chapters for group review
  • Sign-up list for a class activity

 Students can create Wiki pages to post:

  • Reflective statements and summaries and enable others to provide feedback and suggestions
  • Content for a collaborative group project

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Encourage asynchronous student discussion online.

The Blackboard Discussion Board

The Blackboard Discussion Board tool will enable you and your students to replicate robust discussions that take place in the face-to-face or online classroom.  Uses include:

  • Class or small group discussion on an assigned topic
  • Peer reviews or critiques
  • Debates
  • Present a Q & A or frequently asked question forum (FAQ)

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Collaborate and Share Ideas with your Students with the Blackboard Discussion Tool

Create video tutorials from my computer desktop and post them online for my students to view.

Camtasia Relay and Ensemble, Microsoft Mix, WebEx

The tools and applications listed above will enable you to record a lecture from your computer desktop while you demonstrate an application in action. 

  • Camtasia Relay is a tool that you can download for free and install on your computer to record a lesson, and then upload it to the Ensemble video server that students can access from your Blackboard course or preferred website.
  • Microsoft Mix is a free add-on (plug-in) that will turn your PowerPoint presentation into an interactive online video tutorial that can be accessed by students enrolled in your Blackboard course or through your preferred website.  Mix will enable you to capture video simulations from your computer desktop, record from a web cam, insert quiz questions, and more.
  • WebEx, Temple's web conferencing tool, has features that will enable you to capture and record an application that your are demonstrating, and then place a link to your recording in your Blackboard course or preferred website for your students to access.

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Host my office hours online or an online class from a remote location.


WebEx is Temple's Web Conferencing tool that will enable you to host meetings and online office hours with your students from any computer that is connected to the Internet.  WebEx offers breakout rooms that you can set up for groups of students to collaborate and work on projects.

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Host an Online Class or Office Hours Using WebEx

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