Learning Through Assessment Feedback: Strategies for Giving Feedback in Online Teaching

March 17, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
March 24, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
March 31, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Hosted online via Zoom

Feedback on assessments is an essential aspect of communication between teachers and students, but giving students feedback can be especially challenging when teaching online. Studies have shown that for feedback to be effective in enhancing learning, it has to be more than telling students what is right and wrong in their work. This workshop will explore evidence-based strategies for feedback processes that are meaningful and motivating to students in online learning contexts.

This workshop will be held in three sessions:

  • Tuesday, March 17, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 24, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 31, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Registration for the first session will serve as registration for the subsequent sessions.

The CAT will send an access link to this webinar via email one hour prior to the session.

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