Decolonizing the Syllabus

April 13, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am
TECH Center, Room 109

Decolonizing the curriculum requires that we acknowledge the historical context of education and proactively work to dismantle inequities. In doing so, we create spaces where students feel included, are supported, and are empowered to blossom, freely express themselves, and impact the world. This panel discussion will center on addressing equity and inclusion through course design, sharing approaches to decolonizing the curriculum, cultivating inclusion within and beyond our classrooms, considering the context and use of teaching collections (for example, osteological collections), and applying anti-oppressive pedagogy.

Featured Guest Speaker: Dr Fatima Hendricks

Guest Panelists: Gillian Rai, Assistant Professor, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Public Health; Kimberly Williams, Associate Professor, Anthropology; College of Liberal Arts; Melissa Glenn, Associate Professor, Marketing; Fox School of Business

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