EdTech Student Partners Program

What is the EdTech Student Partners Program?

The EdTech Student Partners program is a semester-long partnership between undergraduate students and faculty. Under the supervision of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT), EdTech Student Partners are paired with faculty members to collaborate on technology integration in face-to-face and online courses.

The goal of this partnership is to improve student engagement and learning with the help of technology. EdTech Student partners provide faculty with a student's perspective on the course and identify ways technology could be used to engage students, keep them on track and transform the learning experience.

As part of this partnership, EdTech Student Partners will meet with their paired faculty throughout the semester, and attend classes in one of their courses. This is to help EdTech Student Partners understand the nature of the course, identify areas to integrate technology, suggest tools, support faculty through the implementation phase, and provide feedback during meetings.

Application for the Fall 2019 EdTech Student Partners' Program

Application for the Fall 2019 partnership is now open. Please apply to collaborate with an EdTech Student Partner for the Fall semester no later than Friday, June 28th, 2019. Selected faculty will be notified no later than Friday, August 2nd, 2019.

Partnership for Fall 2019 will be effective from Monday, August 18th, 2019 until Friday, November 29th, 2019.

How does this partnership work?

EdTech Student Partners will collaborate with faculty to improve student engagement in the classroom. Through the semester, they will meet with faculty and observe their classes. Through these classroom observations, they will provide feedback and identify opportunities for development and ways technology might help. They will collaborate with faculty to learn different technology tools, help them to implement them in the course, and provide a student perspective. Meetings can be done in the faculty’s office, at CAT’s Instructional Technology Lab located in Room 110, or any other on-campus location that is agreed by you and the EdTech Partner.

Your first session with an EdTech Student Partner will be an “orientation” meeting, where you discuss your course (perhaps bring a copy of your syllabus), explain some of the goals you wish to accomplish or just brainstorm. You will then schedule a follow-up meeting with the same EdTech Student Partner, and may discuss class observation timings.

What tasks and activities are not supported by EdTech Student Partners?

EdTech Student Partners will not perform the following tasks:

  • Tasks that are normally done by departmental technology support staff and classroom technology support staff.

  • Software and hardware installations.

  • Hardware repairs.

  • Troubleshooting software and network problems.

  • Data entry.

  • Access your Canvas Grades that displays your student grades (EdTech Student Partners are instructors in their own Canvas courses giving them the opportunity to show you how to use a Gradebook).

  • Serve in the role of peer teacher, teaching assistant, instructor, or step in as a substitute teacher for your class.

  • Provide in-depth/urgent support of Temple educational software such as Canvas or WebEx (for these instances, the EdTech Student Partners will leverage the Center for the Advancement of Teaching's Instructional Technology team on your behalf).

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